Infographic Rubrics: Post #3 Skill Specific Research Rubrics Series


Most of usĀ prefer to take information in visually.
We also prefer to take in information in tiny bits.

So, we teach students to convey information mainly through written papers and presentation programs, such as Google Slides or PowerPoint. While I absolutely advocate mastering both of those skills, I argue that we must also teach students how to master visual communication skills.

I have posted Allison Burley’s infographic lesson on my blog before. However, at our high school, we have seniors create them for senior research and our freshmen now have an expectation to create an infographic during their career research.

We have created skill-specific research rubrics for students to pinpoint important elements of an infographic (both of which are linked below):

Link here for ourĀ infographic rubric

We also have a modified rubric that we use with students who struggle with learning.
Link here for our modified infographic rubric

Feel free to use either one with your students.
Good luck!

Other rubrics in this series:
Thesis Statement Rubric
Outline Rubric
Statistics Rubric

image courtesy of:

I Bike Fresno. “2011 Million Mile Challenge Infographic.” Flickr. Yahoo, 2 July
2011. Web. 19 Apr. 2016.