Annotated Bibliography Rubric: Post #6 Skill Specific Research Rubrics Series


Over the years, we have implemented many skills into the research process. Our most popular is definitely the annotated bibliography.

When creating an annotated bibliography, students:
take a better look at the content of their resources
take a better look at the quality of their resources
determine where they will use the resource during the research process

How can that not be a great thing?!

We have our rubric broken up into five sections: Summary, Connections, Source Quality and Authority, Ā Citation Style/Formatting, and Writing . Students most often struggle with connections and source quality/authority. Therefore, they are likely to need the most guidance in those areas (although each should be given a certain amount of guidance).

We hope you like our annotated bibliography rubric!

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Image courtesy of:

Proimos, Alex. “New York Public Library.” Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Commons,
7 July 2011. Web. 26 May 2016.



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