Citations Rubric: Post #5 Skill Specific Research Rubrics Series


I love the above image because it illustrates how citations are valued within society. It reinforces that it is important that we back up what we say with evidence from research and scholarly experts. When I teach students what constitutes a quality infographic, I show that the connections to the sources allow people to follow up to learn more. Students writing research paper often see citations as an extra task and can miss the importance of citing. Even so, they must be instructed in the craft of giving credit where credit is due.

We have created a Citations Rubric to help students properly cite information within a written paper. The rubric is designed to take students through the formula of aligning in-text citations with the Works Cited page, to consider the variety of sources used within, citation to citation transition, formatting and placement.

We have our freshmen focus upon this rubric to help them identify each element. Some of our teachers use it as a peer edit tool without an assigned grade while others align it to a grade within the course. Whichever way you choose to use it, we hope that you find it useful.

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photo courtesy of: “Citation Needed.” Flickr. Yahoo, 30 Oct. 2010. Web. 11 May


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