Storify (versus GrabChat)

I recently posted about, but once I put into use for archiving a Twitter conversation, it turned out that it was finicky with my hashtag.  I remembered a friend suggested Storify and I tried it.  At first, Storify was not user friendly to me (but I think I was simply rushing and not clicking the right area to search)

Step 1:  First, you want to choose which site you want to grab information from (my arrow points to where I selected Twitter from the multiple choices)


Step 2:  Next, you want to type in your keyword (in this case I use the hashtag #f35)


Step 3:  To search, you actually have to physically hit that magnifying glass on the search bar to search (I kept pressing enter and seeing nothing happen and must have been too busy to consider that hitting that magnifying glass might actually work!)

Step 4:  When you get your results, it only shows 20 at first.  To get more, link where the arrow indicates:


Step 5:  You now want to select which results you want to save for yourself (you can drag and drop specific ones (to the clipboard that will be on the left) that you have selected or add them all)


Step 6:  Finally, you just save the items on the clipboard for yourself or publish it to share with others!


Bottom line:

I have a new favorite for both archiving a Twitter Chat and following a hashtag for Twitter research (in lieu of opening a Twitter account)  It is Storify!  I’m sure that there are many other cool ways to use it!  If you use Storify in cool ways, let me know!


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