Placing a portion of a YouTube video into PowerPoint 2010

Hi!  I feel badly that I haven’t been blogging much this school year!  I have been working with the students often and today I am posting on a topic that we have been working on lately a bit (and we have needed to work the bugs out).  Since we needed to work the “bugs” out, I thought I would share to help others 🙂  It helps aleve my non-blogging guilt, too!!!!  (hope to see you soon – I have had inspiration to blog, but haven’t followed through lately to take ideas to blog posts)

I present often on presenting (we call it my “presentation presentation”)  One item that I present on is presentation style.  The other portion is on presentation tools.  Today’s post has to do with the tools aspect.  There is a program called TubeChop which allows people to copy a portion of a YouTube video and play the chopped portion from your selected start and finish point.  We ran into rough waters when we tried to embed the chopped video into a PowerPoint presentation.  The screencast  below shows you how to do it.  This article discusses TubeChop and copyright.  Here are the written instructions for the screencast


Many students have responded well to the ability to do this!  YouTube offers a unique URL for anyone who wants to start at a different location (making the trip to TubeChop unnecessary if you only need to modify the start point)  The unique URL and option to start at a different location in the “Share” option on YouTube.

According to Dan Comins, Instructional Designer at UC Davis, and author of the article referenced above with regards to copyright, it is also easier now to do the following with the embed code:

It’s much easier to just modify the embed code nowadays adding ?start=#&end=# right after the youtube video ID, where # = number of seconds in the video

Thanks, Dan, with your help!!!

Doug Blatti also helps with adjusting the embed code on YouTube videos to suit specific needs in this article:

Thanks, Doug, for your help!!!


Unfortunately, you cannot embed a  portion of video in a Google Presentation via Google Drive (not in PowerPoint) but you can include a modified YouTube video through an inserted link.  If you have both a modified start and stop time, I advise that you modify the times in TubeChop and then insert the link onto the desired slide within your Presentation.  If you only have a modified start time, I advise that you modify it in Google Presentations under the Share option (if available on the video that you are using) Using either method, you will grab the link to the modified video and insert it onto your desired slide.

Good luck students, as you work to make your presentations the best that they can be!