If you Give an eBook a MARC (eBook Management in Destiny)


Okay – so this will be a useful versus fun post (but I hope you find it useful!)

When you purchase eBooks, you will want your students to find and use them – so you can…

  • direct them towards the URL (with password provided)
  • enter the MARC records into your catalog so that they find them while keyword searching (my guess is that this is the most likely way students will be enticed into using the eBooks, making it a worthwhile venture)

If you rent your collection of eBooks, you may be like me and hesitate, questioning:

  • how will I handle the adds and deletes that occur within my MARC records to keep access information as accurate as possible?
  • what if I have no funding in future years and I cannot rent the collection and I end up with a ton of useless MARC records clogging up Destiny?
  • what if the collection doesn’t fly at my school and I choose not to rent the service again (leading me to the same dilemma above)?

Have no fear!  The answers are here!

I have decided that:

  1. It will be easiest to do a full file replacement annually or each time the rented collection of eBooks (I rent EBSCO High School Collection – I feel it is better for my school than the Academic Collection) is modified significantly.
  2. To do a full file replacement, I will essentially dump all MARC records associated with the eBooks within the collection and add a whole new group of MARCs (representing the most accurate title information.)
  3. To do this in Destiny, I must create a Resource List for each appropriate collection of eBooks (I have FollettShelf titles and EBSCO titles).
  4. When I go to Import, I must link the proper Resource List to the imported records.
  5. When I am ready to dump the files to add new, more accurate, ones or to completely remove them forever, I go to Export and I choose to export by list and select the delete option to delete the titles as they export.
  6. It is at this point when I would import the new titles into the Resource List.

So, yesterday, I was at POWER Library training and I realized that I want to do a full file replacement within our state interlibrary loan union catalog.  I will essentially want to supply them with MARCs for all of my print materials, but not my electronic materials (which I cannot lend to other libraries).  To do this in Destiny, I would:

  1. Export based upon list with each list of eBooks selecting the delete option. (Update after new information from a different Destiny Tech Support Rep:  this should be after a backup of Destiny where you can restore to the backed up version to retain the circulation history of the title)
  2. Once all ebooks are exported/deleted, I would export a file of ALL materials within Destiny without deleting the materials upon export and I would send that file for the full file replacement into the union catalog.
  3. After I send the file to HSLC, I would import each of my files which contain the ebooks associating them back to the proper Resource List. (I believe this step would be unnecessary if you opt for the backup and then restoring to the past version to retain the circulation history)

I put in an enhancement request with Destiny asking that they build a feature that allows us to exclude multiple resource lists (I know I have two total: one for FollettShelf and one for EBSCO) from an export (which will keep us from having to delete records and then re-enter them)

Hope this helps you manage your eBook MARC records in Destiny!

Image citation:

Waggener, Pen. “Sea Change.” Flickr. N.p., 3 Aug. 2010. Web. 27 Sept. 2013.


One thought on “If you Give an eBook a MARC (eBook Management in Destiny)

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