Genrefying the Fiction Section: The Pros and Cons

SecLib Genre Labels

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Recently, I created a publicly editable document (I LOVE LOVE LOVE that we have technology that helps us collaborate and share thoughts and knowledge) which asked people to discuss the pros and cons of genrefying the fiction section.  

There have been some really great articles and presentations on genrefying:

Here is the publicly edited T chart which compiles people’s thoughts on genrefying.

I am, personally, still deciding on whether I will genrefy or not.  I think I am not going to because I think I weigh a little more heavily on the “no” side.  I do like that statistics can be broken down for more detailed analysis by genre and I like that students are more likely to generate conversations while searching with a “like-minded” reader.  There are some other things that I do like about it.  If I ever decide to go for it, I won’t label by gender (books for boys or girls specifically)

As I have said all along, the choice is personal to you and your library.  Hopefully the T-charts and Google Doc offer insight and guidance.


3 thoughts on “Genrefying the Fiction Section: The Pros and Cons

  1. Do you remember the advertisement, “Let your fingers do the walking?” That is basically our approach. Rather than a heave-ho physical move, we’ve organized (genrefyed?) our collection online. We’re leveraging the Visual search feature in Destiny, our OPAC. This allows you to apply multiple genre headings to the same title and students can search it 24/7. It also allows us to include eBook titles in the genre lists. We do not physical mark books. Students interested in say, Steampunk, know to look at the list readily available in our catalog’s Visual search. This is in a HS, and we review the search process with students in English classes. It works very well for us. We also enhance MARC records with book trailers and student book reviews to make the OPAC even more of a one-stop shop. Please feel free to check out our high school Visual searches:
    Links to documentation on how to create Visual searches can be found on a slide from PSLA’s Unconference Smackdown session.

  2. […] High School, PA, decided not to generfy, I loved what looked like custom spine labels in her post. My favorites were World Lit, Dystopia and […]

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