PSLA Conference Here I Come!!!!!!

tulipsimage taken from Wikimedia Commons

The tulips are sure to be in bloom in Hershey this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the temperature is looking nice, and salivary reactions to the thoughts of chocolate are readily induced!

I am so very ready to go and surround my days with library friends! This spring has certainly been unique!  My role in my library has changed; I have not had an assistant in the library this semester.  I reflected upon how it is important to retain leadership and instructional roles while juggling many other aspects of the job on the newly launched Pennsylvania School Librarians Association (PSLA) Blog in a post entitled Retaining a Sweaty Grip on the Monkey Bars!  As PSLA Co-Chair of the Technology Committee, one goal was to begin a blog which represented contributions authored by many!  We have had many posts by many librarians and it has been a great professional development experience to read each!

Another goal that Mary Schwander and I have as PSLA Technology Committee Co-Chairs is to record and stream videotaped sessions presented at PSLA’s 40th Annual Conference! We have purchased a subscription to USTREAM, received permission from selected presenters to record their sessions, and are scheduled to tape and upload!  Members will be able to view sessions that they have missed (or review sessions that they have attended!)

Finally, I am quite excited to be part of the PSLA’s first ever Unconference (an EdCamp style session) on Thursday night at the annual conference!  This session is designed to be discussion-based and will feature two sessions where participants can select discussions to jump into and add their thoughts to.  Sandwiched in-between the discussions will be a Stinks/Rocks session where controversial issues related to our job will be brought up and participants can run to the “Stinks” corner (if they disagree with the concept), the “Rocks” corner (if they agree with the concept), or go to the “Don’t Know” corner.  At that point each side can argue their point and each audience member can evaluate how the issue fits into their own world.  There will also be a Smackdown where the planners of the Unconference will unveil the best things each of us has done throughout the year.

I am so excited about these changes to PSLA and the annual conference.  I really believe that it reflects that our association is beginning to harness opportunities that are available to us and providing experiences which reach beyond the traditional methods.  I hope to see you at the conference this year.  If you cannot make it, be sure to follow the highlights on Twitter using the #plsa13 hashtag!


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