Cyber Safety Education (for both Students and Parents)

Our CyberSafety Webinars have been uploaded to YouTube!!!!!

We are THRILLED to announce that our cyber safety webinars are now available for viewing on YouTube.  Three student groups created one lesson each: Online Commenting, Text Messaging, and Friend Requests.  They presented the sessions to 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students using webinar software.  Our goal was to present to a small group and then to make the lessons public so that educators anywhere could use them as an instructional tool for students and parents.  Please use the videos and/or slideshares as a tool to educate others on cyber safety.  These videos are designed to allow you to pause the program in order to discuss the content locally and generate a conversation.

Online Commenting (YouTube):

Text Messaging (YouTube):

Friend Requests (YouTube):

You may want access to the SlideShare versions (better clarity of text).

Online Commenting (SlideShare):

Text Messaging (SlideShare):

Friend Requests (SlideShare):


8 thoughts on “Cyber Safety Education (for both Students and Parents)

  1. Mary Crawford says:

    Love the slide shows but YouTube is blocked in my district. Would you consider posting the videos to Teachertube or the equivalent?

  2. Deb Schiano says:

    These are great! Great authentic learning experience also!

  3. khornberger says:

    Thanks!!!!! Mary, I will try to tomorrow!

  4. khornberger says:

    Hi! I just successfully got two of them loaded onto TeacherTube! (the friend requests one is giving us continual technical difficulty)
    Online commenting:
    Text messaging:

    I will try tomorrow to get the final one loaded and the videos embedded into my blog.

    thanks so much for the suggestion, Mary!

  5. Chuck Favata says:

    Impressive —

  6. khornberger says:

    Thank you, Mr. Favata!!!!! It was a joy working with you!!!!!!

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