Nonfiction eBook Collections: The Pros and Cons

Hi!  Last week I created a public Google Doc which allowed people to add to my thoughts on the pros and cons of nonfiction eBook collections.  It was an active document and many people contributed useful ideas!!!  Thank you, contributors!  Joyce Valenza emailed me the day I made the Google Doc public sharing with me that she planned to blog that same day on the topic (I REALLY want to say “Great Minds think Alike” but, in truth, I’m honored to be in her category even just once!!!)

As I was reflecting on how I wanted to organize and synthesize the information, I remembered a book that I read as an elementary librarian called Fortunately which alternated between fortunately and unfortunately.  I decided that I would create a slideshow with that as the format.

Here it is!


I decided to purchase EBSCO’s High School eBook collection and LOVE it!  I figured out how I like to manage MARCs and have posted that here.


8 thoughts on “Nonfiction eBook Collections: The Pros and Cons

  1. Margaret Tatro, Germantown H.S. Philadelphia S D says:

    Yes, I remember the fortunately, unfortunately book! You did a good job of simplifying an complex subject. Kudos! I hope others will understand that more than ever it takes school librarians to lead students to the electronic resources and teach their proper use.

  2. khornberger says:

    Thank you!!!!! I hope so, too!

  3. Nannette Fowler-Jang says:

    Your slide share is right on time. I am in the process of ordering eBooks through Infobase. They have a rep. special eCombo, print equivalent for each eBook. Your presentation has given me more food for thought…thank you. Your site is a gold mine.

  4. khornberger says:

    Thank you, Nannette! It had been awhile since I posted last, but I never want to post “filler” Sometimes (esp. around holidays) it is hard to keep posting.

  5. Thanks for sharing that timely presentation! Lots to consider and more input and thoughts are appreciated. This would be a great topic for the Unconference at PSLA.

  6. Heather Shumaker says:

    This might not be a new idea for some of you and isn’t about nonfiction ebook “collections,” but I’ve started purchasing unlimited use ebook titles for some of our projects. For example, our Upper School English teachers do a literary criticism project, and the students choose one of the assigned novels to research. Instead of purchasing an annual lit. crit. database, I’ve taken to purchasing specific titles (unlimited use) that support that project. Infobase was AWESOME and even gave me the print copy of each ebook I purchased. They do not have an annual hosting fee, either. They were fantastic to work with! I have a link on my library’s website with the other database links, so access is easy. I am moving to Destiny in the next month, so the MARC records within that OPAC will be helpful.

  7. khornberger says:

    Patty, We are hoping to include it within the Unconference (it is one of many really good conversation pieces) – I’m so glad you will be there. It will be SO fun!!!
    Heather, I love the info you shared!!!! Thank you – I can see it helping many people!!!!

  8. congerjan says:

    Great job with the slide show Karen. I think you really represented what everyone said in the Google Doc in a very understandable and clever way! Hope you don’t mind if I share your information with others in my district! We all need this and we need to share like this more often to make more informed choices! Can’t wait for the Unconference!

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