Thoughts on BookBub


A friend asked me to look into BookBub.  It is a service that she was interested in but wasn’t sure if she should sign up.  I looked over the site and here are my thoughts:

BookBub looks similar to Groupon in which it alerts you to time-sensitive deals.  For BookBub, these deals are specific to book discounts on e-readers (Kindle, Nook, Google Reader, etc.).  I browsed the books offered in the areas of Cooking, Teen and Young Adult, and All Categories.  It looks like you will not find any books that are currently being “talked about” or that are current bestsellers.  I imagine publishers push titles to BookBub when they have a new author to feature or the title hasn’t moved as well as expected.  However, if you are looking for a good read, I think you will definitely find one for a good price using this site as a tool.  For instance, in the Young Adult section, there is a book called Dirty Little Secrets.  I have read and liked this title.  It has also been selected for the Reading Olympics list in Pennsylvania.  It is an interesting story which is written with the perspective of a young girl whose mother is a hoarder.  The author has worked with families of hoarders and her perspective is both interesting and unique.  On Amazon, it currently has 4.5 stars with 71 reviews.  Was it a bestseller in teen fiction?  No.  Is it a good book?  Absolutely.  It is available for $1.99.

What I would do to use BookBub is to sign up for alerts and then compare any titles that interest me with reviews on  If the review is pretty high, I would go ahead and purchase the book.  It would be less of a gamble when you do cross checking such as this.  If you like to mainly read the latest bestsellers, this site is not for you.  If you just like to unearth a good story, this site would be a smart site to use.  Overall, it looks like a pretty cool service.


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