Friend Requests Lesson

friend request

Palisades High School eleventh grade students created a lesson (under the guidance of me and Academy Teacher, Rob Reilly) designed to teach fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students about friend requests.

On January 31, this was presented in a webinar format using Elluminate software (thank you Kurt Schollin and Bucks County Intermediate Unit!!!) to fourth Grade students at Arrowhead Elementary (under the guidance of Library Media Specialist, Janice Conger).  During the lesson, our students took the fourth grade students through the content that they had developed.  After the content, cyber expert Dr. Nicole Yetter, answered questions that the younger students had about friend requests.

While we only made the live event available for one school, we are able to offer the archived recording to any educator or parent!

We hope that parents and educators use the recorded content in order to begin a discussion with children about the online world that they either have recently entered or are very likely to soon enter.  We hope our project serves as a catalyst for discussions regarding online safety where children are guided to navigate the online environment.

We are looking into making the webinar content available on YouTube (which will allow viewers to eliminate the login process, etc. to create seamless viewing.)  While we work on the conversion, we want to offer the recording to anyone who would like it now.

Step 1:  Link to recording:

Step 2:  Sign in as a Guest

(You may need to save the file in your download folder and it may require that you have Java, etc.)

Step 3:  Open Downloaded File

It should go through the opening process and you should begin to hear the recording a few seconds into the session.

This session lasts 30 minutes

Suggested Use by Educators and/or Parents:

  • Preview the session prior to showing it
  • Show the portions you prefer and pause throughout to prompt discussion

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