LibGuides Trial for this Academic School Year for PA Libraries!

We are pleased to announce that we have made available a two-hour webinar on Digital Collection Development.  Please note that this webinar differs from hands-on workshops in that it will be a demonstration of how to collect and share resources on LibGuides.  The beauty of the webinar is that you can pause at each segment and try it out before moving on.  Following the webinar, participants from the state of Pennsylvania will receive 2 ACT 48 hours and will have access to their own LibGuide account.  

Please note: The Commonwealth Libraries mandate that this trial is strictly for demo use and only 3-4 guides should be created.  This offer is only available to individuals who did not access a trial subscription during the 2011-2012 free trial offer.  Users cannot change the PDE header on the trial version of the LibGuide or make any changes to the basic format.  It changes for everyone. Custom header’s are available only to subscribers who purchase their own license.

What:  Curation is using a digital platform to make both print and electronic resources available 24/7.  This allows for asynchronous learning and can serve as a supplemental enhancement to a unit or program or an integral tool for your program.  For students in your building, can you build a selection of materials that serve as a portal for their specific needs?  Also, consider what curation could provide to your patrons who never enter your building.  If you have cyber students or teachers, then you have cyber patrons.  How can you serve their needs?  

Who:  Aligned with the district collection development policy, librarian, teachers, students, etc. contribute to building digital collections of information which support learning.

Why:  Curation allows the curator to identify every single tool that can be resourced to support a particular topic and house multiple resources in one spot for users to find.  Not only is it quality control, but it is a time saver.

When:  Maintenance still needs to be considered in the digital world.  You will need to weed out of date or dead links, etc.  You will also need to keep watch on your topic  to see if there are great additions!

How:  You can use many platforms.  LibGuides is excellent and used at many Universities – Google Sites is a free option, etc.

For more on curation

To access the webinar (please note:  if you have difficulty accessing this webinar, there is an alternative below): 


Click on the Recordings Tab.

Use the calendar to navigate toNovember 16, 2011

Click on the session title “LibGuide for Librarians”

Select “Guest”

Enter your email address and your full name.  We cannot give credit if we do not have a full name to refer back to.

Hit Play

The recording will start in a new window.  Please notice the player features at the bottom left of the screen, which allow you to pause, fast forward, and play the recording.

After watching the recording in its entirety, please follow the instructions provided in the webinar to request an account.

Alternate webinar:


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