Teacher Feature: Mrs. Schlosser’s Literary Pinterest Project


1.      Please describe your Pinterest project.

Students read William Shakespeare’s , Julius Caesar.  In order for them to understand and analyze characterization, students chose one character to role-play and used the social networking website, Pinterest to complete this characterization assignment.  Students are able to connect with their character by using modern every day connections.

 2.       What was your favorite part of the project?

My favorite part of the project was observing student engagement.  A number of students were unaware of this website, and after they started using this resource, they found that they could utilize it both personally and educationally.

3.       What was your students’ favorite part of the project?

After having students complete a reflective analysis, I was able to receive opinions of this project.

Student thoughts:

 “Using Pinterest was almost like an online, more creative version of a character chart, allowing us the see what the characters may have liked, how they may have lived, etc. With this, we were then able to create the character analysis paper.”  

 ” I gained more knowledge on the characters individually but also how they interacted with the other characters which was more beneficial for my comprehension.”  

 ” I discovered that Pinterest is actually a really fun project! It was easier after I started and everybody started commenting on each other’s boards. It almost took me to another world while reading things others had posted, because it seemed so realistic, just with a modern day twist.”

4.       Are you able to share the student learning objectives, a rubric, or a model project?

Here is a link to the guidelines and rubric


4 thoughts on “Teacher Feature: Mrs. Schlosser’s Literary Pinterest Project

  1. Sarah DeMaria says:

    Do you have a link to a finished pinterest board? I would love to share with my English teachers. Thanks!

  2. khornberger says:

    I can double check!!! Will post if she does 🙂

  3. […] lessons that are shared are real treasures. I wish I had thought of the student passion blog or the character analysis using Pinterest! Remember: you wouldn’t have to incorporate all of these exemplars either. Try one of these […]

  4. […] used as an amusement tool–now it is so much more than that. Students can use it to create character sketches. CTS teachers can use it to demonstrate how pallets can be turned into beautiful and functional […]

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