What we have been up to…

After my last post, I closed WordPress and opened my email and learned of the tragic events in Newtown, CT.  As a mom of twin first grade daughters and a son in 5th grade, the emotional impact was huge.  I went home and wore the mommy/wife/daughter/sister/aunt hats over the holidays and came back ready to begin anew.  

While many “pots” are on the “stove” currently, there is one that aligns nicely with my mommy hat.

Students at Palisades High School are currently working to develop webinars on three different cyber safety topics which will be presented to fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students.  The areas of focus are: friend requests; texting; and online commenting.  Our students’ goal is to help children learn how to navigate and manage the cyber situations that they already are (or may soon be) encountering in safe and ethical ways.  The students at Palisades High School benefit by going through a research phase in which they research the topic plus make connections with students, guidance counselors, and professionals in the cyber safety field to learn what content they believe students should learn with regards to each topic.  After the research phase, our students will be learning about webinars as a form of communication.  The students will then, develop the content and prepare to present.  The final stage for our students will be the presentation of the webinar.  After the presentation of the webinar, we will publicize the archived webinar for others to view.

If you would like to help us develop our content, please respond to the following surveys by January 11, 2013.  Additionally, we would love if you passed them onto your guidance dept, or anyone else who would be helpful, we would appreciate that so much!!!!!!!

Texting survey:

Online commenting survey:

Friend request survey:
Dear School Administrator,http://khornberger.polldaddy.com/s/friend-requests-parent-survey



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