Concept Sort: Thesis Statement, Outline, and Body

Thesis statement instruction tends to confuse students, even when taught by the best teachers…and why not???!!!

Have you ever considered that this very concise statement is also the recipient of an analogy which includes an umbrella?

…so the writer has to be concise, yet has to be encompassing.  One statement must be stretched out into pages and pages of content whose elaboration serves to support this one statement.

Here’s the beauty of it:   It can be done!!!!!!!  

Thesis statement instruction must include:

  • the tools on crafting a thesis statement
  • the conceptual aspect of a thesis statement

Link below for a worksheet designed for teachers to use as they teach the concept.  Students fill out the concept sort and a follow up discussion will help the students put the pieces into place.

author’s note 11/17/2012:  the following attachment is not a lesson, it is a tool designed to help teachers facilitate a discussion with students on the inter-connected relationship between the thesis statement, outline, and body of the paper along with the similarities and differences between each.

author’s note 11/20/2012:

Part 2 of post linked here


2 thoughts on “Concept Sort: Thesis Statement, Outline, and Body

  1. Bekci Kelly says:

    This resource offers a very interesting way to begin this important conversation with students – getting them to really think about what they are preparing to do in creating their thesis. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Some really nice stuff on this website, I love it.

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